Village Nominates East Hill Historic District for National Register

Recently, the Village received a $5000 Certified Local Government Grant and a $4000 grant from the Preservation League of New York State  for the purposes of nominating part of East Main Street to the National Register of Historic Places. The potential East Hill Historic District was identified by Bero Associates Architects in the April 1998 Reconnaissance Level Survey of the Village of Springville.  The East Hill Historic District extends along both sides of East Main Street from Franklin Street east to 397 East Main. It includes 59 properties.

Listing of the district would be a great honor for Springville and would bring national recognition to the area's important heritage.  Moreover, home owners in the district could qualify for tax credits if they chose to do approved repairs or rehabilitation.

As part of a National Register Historic District, there are both State and Federal Tax Credit opportunities for your property.  The most direct benefit to the owner is the 20% tax credits for both State and Federal Income taxes.  Credits are based on Qualified Rehabilitation Expenditures, when appropriate rehabilitation work is done to your historic property.  Most interior and exterior work is eligible for the tax credit. National Register districts do not restrict changes property owners are able to make to buildings, unless owners want to partake in tax credit program.

At present, the Village has engaged Clinton Brown Company Architecture to do property research, photograph the building exteriors, and prepare the formal nomination for the district.  There is no owner involvement necessary at this time, however, if owners with have historic photos or stories of the building they would like to share, they should contact the Sproingville Historic Preservation Commission at the Village Office: 592-4936.

If you have any questions about National Register listing, please contact the Village Office or Jennifer Walkowski, Historic Preservation Specialist , NYS Office of Park, Recreation, and Historic Preservation 518-268-2137

There will be a Community Informational Meeting on May 27, 2015 with the Clinton Brown Company Architecture  Flyer PDF and Draft Application

June 12,2015 Update

State Approves East Hill Historic District

NYS Parks has reviewed and approved Springville’s nomination of the East Hill Historic District listing on the National Registry.  The nomination will be forwarded to the National Board for review and approval is expected in about three months.

East Hill Historic District residents who are interested in taking advantage of the tax credits available with this historic district designation should begin the application process.  Information is available at the Village Office and on line at

June 23, 2015

Tax Credits Available Now for East Hill Historic District Residents go to

East Hill Historic District nomination has been signed and placed on the New York State Register of Historic Places.  The nomination has been sent to the National Park Service for placement on the National Registry.  Property owners may now apply for the homeowner tax credit program, as placement on the State Register is the threshold for the tax credit program.