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Village of Springville Limb and Brush Pickup.  See schedule here.  

Effective March 2023 the Village DPW staff will no longer be picking up grass clippings and yard waste. These items must be mulched or placed in your trash.  The costs of the dumpsters and hauling to a landfill have significantly increased.  There will be a one time spring leaf pickup the first week in May 2023.  No grass or yard waste can be mixed in with the leaves.  

Non Garbage Items - The Best Place to Take Them

For places where to take different non garbage items and how they can be disposed of please click here:

At The Door - Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste Program.

Village of Springville Electric Division

51 Nason Blvd
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Springville, NY 14141

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Electrical System

The Village has a municipal electrical system and is part of the Municipal Electrical Utilities Association of New York State. The electric franchise area encompasses the entire Village and portions of the Town serving approximately 2,483 customers. The service area is bounded on the north by North Street (and straight line extensions east and west), on the west by Spooner Creek, on the south by Cattaraugus Creek and on the east by a north-south line, one half mile east of Vaughn Street. See the Electric Franchise District figure for a map of the electrical service area.

The Village obtains its power supply through a wholesale power allocation from the New York State Power Authority (NYSPA) and supplemental contracts through the New York State Municipal Power Agency (NYSMPA). Over 9,000 KW of wholesale hydro power is allocated to the Village from NYSPA with excess power demand obtained from NYSMPA. The Village then sells electricity to customers in the franchise area at rates averaging approximately $0.03/Kwh. These rates are considerably lower than those in the region without municipal electric and constitute an economic development advantage for the Village.

The Village Electric Department is self-supporting with no budget monies coming from Village taxes. The system has a primary transmission voltage of 4,160 and is fed by a dual feed transmission system from National Grid with 115,000 volts. 

Village Electric PSC Environmental Disclosure 2021 - Fuel Source & Air Emmission to Generate Springville Electric

Village of Springville Water & Sewer Division

243 North Central Ave
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Springville, NY 14141

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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2020

Erie County Health Department Asbestos Monitoring Waiver

Water System

The water distribution system supplies water to all of the developed portions of the Village and approximately 27 customers outside the Village limits. There are large tracts of undeveloped land in the Village without water service, including areas in the northeast (along Vaughn Street) and southwest (along South Cascade Drive). 

There are a total of 1,665 Village water system customers, of which 1,516 are residential, 197 are commercial, and 8 are industrial. All customers are metered. Average water consumption is about 400,000 gallons per day. The system is considered to be in good condition, and has the capacity for a 30 percent increase in use. Property developer-owners would be responsible for providing needed waterline extensions to connect to the existing system.

The Village water supply comes from a group of three wells located in the north central portion of the Village. Prior to being pumped into the system, the well water is treated for removal of iron and addition of chlorination and fluoride. The maximum capacity of the system is rated at 800 gallons per minute (1,152,000 gallons per day) based upon current iron removal capabilities. There is 1 elevated storage tank and 1 ground storage tank in the system. The elevated storage tank is located on Newman Street and has a storage capacity of 500,000 gallons. The ground storage tank is located at the end of Woodland Heights and has a storage capacity of 750,000 gallons. The distribution system is made up of various pipe sizes including 4,6,8,10 and 12 inches in diameter. Fire protection is provided by fire hydrants located throughout the system.

Sewer System

Most of the Village is served by the Village sanitary sewage collection and treatment system. Although large, undeveloped areas in the northeast and southwest of the Village do not have sewer service. Some developed properties along North Street, Vaughn Street and South Cascade Drive (south of a Waverly) also do not have sewer service and utilize septic systems. The Village system has 1,300 residential customers, 173 commercial customers and 5 industrial customers .

 For information regarding Erie County's Infiltration and Inflow Program please click here and to view the Schedule of Infiltration and Inflow please click here.

Village of Springville Sewer Treatment Plant

145 Mill Street
PO Box 17
Village of Springville, NY 14141

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The sewage treatment plant is located off Mill Street in the south-central section of the Village. The plant has a State permitted capacity of 1,150,000 gallons per day with average daily flows ranging from 600,000 gallons per day during dry conditions to 1,400,000 gallons per day in wet conditions. The plant provides advanced secondary treatment before sewage is discharged to Spring Brook. The treatment process includes primary settling tanks, a high rate trickling filter, secondary settling tanks (with phosphorus removal) and UV disinfection. There are a total of approximately 200,000 feet of gravity sewers in the Village, plus four sewage pump stations which lift sewage from low areas.

Village of Springville Streets Division

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Springville, NY 14141

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