Helpful Links

Town of Concord

Erie County

New York State

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital

Flouride in Drinking Water

New York State Health Department Backflow Applications: Directions

Springville Area Chamber of Commerce

Skate Park Waiver Form

Climate Smart Farming

ECDOH Sanitary Sewer Design

WNY Stormwater Coalition

Southtowns Rural Preservation Company

2020 Census Information Links

This page has info and a video on how to identify a census employee

This page tells you how to identify valid census phone calls:

This page shows you what the census should look like:

This page discusses common phishing and other survey scams. It includes phone numbers to call to check if the non-census surveys you receive are valid.

This website has the phone numbers to call if you suspect fraud on the 2020 census:

Emergency? Call 911